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read more IHLIA has held the Vos photo collection since 2018. It is an excellent extension of and supplement to our photo collections, in terms of period, provenance and subject matter. The Vos Collection contains more than 4,000 photos, mainly dating from the years 1930-1950, with photographs from Germany as well as England and the United States. They are amateur photos, largely of men in military uniform. The Vos Collection is named after the collector Gerrit Jan Vos (1962-2017). Vos was a homosexual man who taught fashion in Rotterdam and Bielefeld, in Germany, and collected photos in his spare time. His fascination with fashion, uniforms and male beauty helped shape his photo collection. Following his death, Gerrit Jan Vos’ photo collection was gifted to IHLIA.

Gerrit Jan Vos Photographer: & Students Roelof Mulder Gerrit Jan Vos Photo: Roelof Mulder Gerrit Jan Vos & partner Bart Verlaan Gerrit Jan Vos (27 August 1962 (Enschede ) – 10 March 2017 (Amsterdam)) had a particular passion for men’s fashion, photography, collecting images of men and creating collages


Male friendships in the military The Vos photo collection Dress to Impress The Vos photo collection / / the perspective of the collector Hans Rooseboom (curator of photography at the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam) What do we see in the Vos Collection from a WW2 perspective? Matthijs de Die le Clercq (archivist and heritage professional) / Male friendships in the military Dress to impress; Military uniform: a source of power and eroticism Dress to Impress The vos photo collection / Military uniform and fashion Els de Baan (art historian specialising in textile, costume and fashion & appraiser) The erotic power of the uniform Ton of Holland (visual artist) All the ins and outs of the German uniform Matthijs de Die le Clerq (archivist and heritage professional) Male friendships in the military Male friendships in the military/homosexuality in the armed forces / / Research, Index & Description; The Invisible & the Vulnerable at the Vos Collection Pablo Lerma (research-based artist) The army as a refuge for gay men (first half of 20th century) and hidden homosexual codes Ton of Holland (visual artist) Comrades in uniform Jan Willem Tellegen (historian and writer) Dress to impress The vos photo collection / articles

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